About Weekly Trust

Weekly Trust was a national weekly newspaper based in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.  The paper reported current general interest news and commentary. It was part of the Daily Trust, Sunday Trust and Aminiya all publish by Media Trust Ltd.

Weekly Trust was it’s Saturday edition and had it’s own domain but was merged with Daily Trust few years ago.

Weeklytrust (http://www.weeklytrust.com.ng) merged with Dailytrust, a reports source where Nigerians get to read more and full stories, popular stories reported includes:

  • As Osun votes tomorrow September 21, 2018
    Tomorrow’s governorship election in Osun State is a litmus test for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in the challenge of halting vote-buying that has contaminated the integrity of elections conducted in recent times. A negative phenomenon that attracted an outcry after Edo State governorship election in September 2016, vote-buying was done with uncanny boldness […]
    AbdulAzeez Bello
  • Caging billionaire tax evaders September 20, 2018
    Nigeria’s Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) has launched a scheme to cage 6,772 billionaire tax evaders in the country through a ‘substitution’ scheme in collaboration with the banks. According the FIRS Chairman Mr. Tunde Fowler, the substitution scheme entails his agency engaging the banks which are keeping the accounts of these tax evaders, as collection […]
    AbdulAzeez Bello
  • Deaths from snake bites September 19, 2018
    Deaths from snake bites have become an annual nightmare in parts of Nigeria, especially in Plateau and Gombe States. For instance, in 2017 about 250 persons died in the two states as a result of snake bites, causing panic in the country and abroad. Government and international aid agencies rushed to the region with medical […]
    AbdulAzeez Bello

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boko haram has taken over northern borno state
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about 6 billion a year on its military
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6 billion a year the country spends on defense

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